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An ongoing chronology of System/1's construction, and any other related musings.

20th June, 2014 (1) - Populating the register file, take 2

This entry was backdated.

After the weekend's annoying discovery that I'd fitted the wrong sockets for the two main data selectors on the register file board, I placed an order with Farnell for some bodge-making materials (as well as a bottle of flux and suitable applicators, because the nib on my flux pen really doesn't like some of these IC sockets!)

With their usual efficiency, Farnell had the parts with me the following morning and so yesterday I put together some little adapters:

Bodgetastic, baby! (Please excuse the dodgy cameraphone picture...)

The lower connectors, on the 0.3" pitch, are Samtec TS-series terminal strips — the very narrow turned pins fit snugly into the turned-pin IC sockets (surprisingly enough), and although they're kinda pricey from Farnell they make life a lot easier than faffing about with aligning individual wires! Building the adapters was a simple matter of putting the header strips into the sockets on the board, laying some wires across, and soldering the 0.6" sockets to the top before cutting out the shorts between the pins on each row; that way the resulting adapters are sure to fit in the space available without fouling each other.

Now we can get on with testing this thing...