Canon Canonet

Built:September 1965
Acquired:10th February, 2007

This is the first of two Canonets I own; I bought this one on a whim, having never seriously used a rangefinder camera. Whilst having a look on eBay for random shiny cameras, I spotted a few Canonets and thought they looked very nice — and were also cheap enough for an impulse buy!

This one is in lovely order cosmetically and mechanically — the shutter is nice and crisp, the rangefinder is clear (and even clearer after giving the various windows a clean), even the case is pristine! Unfortunately the light meter doesn't work; it's a selenium cell, so requires no batteries, but initially it looked like the selenium had perished. However, I now suspect it can be coaxed back to life, after a bit of wobbling the meter cover around the lens produced some accurate readings. Just need to find a lens spanner...

In the meantime I use it with a Hanimex Sekonic handheld light meter — my father was most amused when I showed it to him after it arrived, since it's exactly the same model he used to use with his Zenit SLR. But at least I know where mine is!


Canon Canonet